About PitchSM - Sales and Marketing

About PitchSM

The Vision

In the 21st century, Data is king.

Our passion has always been to elevate peoples lives and businesses. Being part of the Sales and Marketing industry for over 20 years has allowed him to be able to guide salesmen to be their best and marketers to understand this ever changing landscape of digital marketing strategy's. Now we putting this together to add real value to businesses and grow their bottom line. We start by gathering the data, exploring and analysing.

We keep adding this data to our learning machines, using a data center in Johannesburg that is proving the point that Sales and Marketing Alignment leads to scale and growth.
The insights have already been spectacular.
For instance, getting a sales team to sit down with their boss to really understand their "comm structure" or the sales team that negotiated a cell phone allowance and sales increased by 20%.
Or the culture conversion we assisted a company with that now have core values.

But our favourite is the company that were marketing nationally in South Africa but 90% of sales were coming from Joburg, so a little tweak increased the quality and quantity of leads to the sales team.



The company is led by David Jacks.
David has been running businesses for over 20 years now. From Medical Supply companies to Vespa, David has seen the relationship between sales and marketing from many viewpoints.

"There has always been frustrations in the interactions between our sales teams and the marketing teams" says David

With this need being identified, David set out to work out the best way that Sales and Marketing could align with the interest of growing the business and creating an environment that is not only enjoyable but brings the best out of your people.
How he did it, was to first ask the hard questions. The questions that may or may not have been asked in the business before but never had the space to answer. David noticed "It is amazing to see what insights come out of the Assessment"