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Become a Lead Generating Magnet

Pitch has been running Lead Generation campaigns for companies of all sizes.

Using a combination of Social Media and SEO tactics to make sure your brand is seen and heard in a very busy market place

The focus is 100% on you, with a combination of values based marketing and highly targeted lead generation, Pitch uses all the digital tools to provide highly convertible leads.
Here are some clients we run Social Media Campaigns for:
illy Coffee

Live Easy

Fachs College

The AA

University of PTA

Lead Generation FAQ's

1Does Lead generation cost alot of money?
While there is no such thing as a free lunch, Lead Gen does not have to cost alot of money. There are always two parts to any marketing costs.

The media spend - which is the money you pay towards advertising on Facebook or Google. The management fee - this is the money you pay towards the person running your campaigns.

2What are the best channels to advertise on to improve my lead generation?
We live in a very exciting time, there are loads of ways to be seen on many different channels. At the moment there are over 2 Billion people using Facebook and between 15 and 20 million people in South Africa. Whether you love or hate Facebook this is where the market is at and because they own Instagram we find these channels are the best way to get leads cheaply and quickly.
3Is video important for lead generation?
The short answer is Yes! We are seeing a much higher engagement rate with videos these days and also all the platforms are pushing for more video as this keeps you on their sites for longer. It is very scary to put yourself out the on video but it is so important for Lead Generation. People like to buy from people they know and therefore trust. this goes a long way to connect with your target market remotely.
4Is lead generation sales or marketing?
We always try to make sure that your Sales and Marketing teams are aligned and this is the best metric to use. So yes it is both. The sales team needs to provide the perfect prospect to the marketing team and then the marketing team can target them online. While this is an obvious answer only 8% of companies have aligned Sales and Marketing teams. If you need assistance with aligning your teams contact us here

5How to do Lead Generation?
Here are 5 quick ways to increase Lead Generation

1) Optimize your web pages for conversions

2) Use Forms To Collect Meaningful Data Points Throughout the Qualification Process

3) Develop & optimize informative content

4) Engage with your prospects soon after they contact your business

5) Let Data Guide Decisions

To get highly convertible leads in your target market contact us today

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