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As Team Marketing the most important things to you is...

Brand Awareness and Lead Generation

We never knew Marketing could be so simple, thanks Pitch


Aligning the Sales Team to our Marketing Strategy was the best thing we ever did, improved everything -


We thought Facebook was just to see pics of dogs and cats, now it is our biggest lead generator -


After having the conversation in the IBA we now understand our purpose as a company -


Why should you care about Sales and Marketing Alignment?

Imagine doing the exact same amount of work and getting a much higher conversion rate? Imagine the Sales Team congratulating you on a daily basis and being grateful for the leads you sending them and the way they presented to the outside world, does this happen now?

If not ask yourself these questions

1) How often are you meeting with the Sales Team?
2) Do you get feedback on the leads you sending through to the Sales Team
3) Are the Sales Team communicating your vision and marketing strategy to clients
4) Does coming to work feel more like a job than a career?

What you really want is...

1) The Sales Team to be on the same page as you
2) Your marketing message broadcast across all your clients
3) Sales and Marketing Teams who collaborate together
4) Enjoyable work days

We can help make all this happen for you, just click here to sign up or enter your email address below and we will contact you

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Marketing FAQ's

15 Marketing Channels to use in 2020
Although Marketing is a huge concept and there are many ways to get peoples attention, here are 5 channels to still be using in 2020.

1) Digital Marketing - This is the most popular channel at the moment, due to the amount of people using the internet. It is also the most relatively speaking cost effective channels to use. Some examples of this channel are Google Search, Facebook Advertising and Websites.

2) Traditional Media - The likes of Television, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines. Although this media is declining in popularity they are still a great option in building your brand, getting a message out to a lot of people and showcasing new products. Hard to engage with your market but very good options.

3) Outdoor Media - Such as Billboards and Street Pole Ads. You can be very creative with this medium. Have a lot of fun and get your name up in lights. Not that cost effective and not flexible enough to change your message often but for brand building a great tool.

4) Below the Line Media - this is very good to speak to potential customers near their purchasing opportunities, for instance Mall Advertising, Elevator Advertising, Toilet Advertising. Very creative and great for B2C brands.

5) Point of Sale Advertising - although this will become more digital as the technology improves, Instore advertising is very powerful. The right message could create a sale as soon as it views. This should be part of your marketing mix, especially for retail products.

2Marketing Strategy Ideas to Attract New Customers
Here are some ideas to help your Strategy get going.

Identify Your Ideal Customer

Discover Where Your Customer Lives and what they want

Know Your Business Inside and Out all the way through to your Values and Goals, this will help identify the right person

Position Yourself as the Answer so you will be known as the market leader

Build Partnerships with different stakeholders in your industry

Follow Up Follow Up Follow Up

3Key Differences between Sales and Marketing
If you want to know what is driving your Sales Team visit our Team Sales Page.

But here are a few key differences

- Marketing spends the day looking at the products of the company where sales spends the day out the company contacting customers - Marketing defines the strategy of growth for the business and Sales executes and optimizes the strategy - Marketing concerns themselves with brand building and lead generation while Sales concerns themselves with closing leads and bringing in money.

45 Ways to improve your Marketing
1) Write Great Content so customers trust your knowledge

2) Make Sure your Sales and Marketing Teams are aligned

3) Market to current and dormant customers

4) Try Facebook Ads

5) Make sure the technical health of your website is great in order to be ranked by search engines