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As Team Sales the most important thing to you is...

Closing more deals

Thanks for getting our Marketing to send us better leads, seems so simple now -


Sales is just a process! So simple, Thanks


I saw my conversion rates increase over a short time by just being in the same room as our marketing departments and having the same conversations.


We hadnt defined my role until we ran the IBA with Pitch, I am now motivated and focused and making money for me and the company


Why should you care about Sales and Marketing Alignment?

Have you ever arrived at a client who is either the completely wrong type of business for you or worse the right kind of business but you were not prepared for the presentation?

If so ask yourself these questions

1) How often are you meeting with the Marketing Team?
2)Do you give feedback to Marketing about the leads you have been given?
3) Do you communicate to Marketing with regards to the material you require to close a deal?
4) Is there constant friction between what you believe a prospect is versus what Marketing thinks one is?

What you really want is...

1) The perfect prospect to be sent to you so your closing rates go UP
2) More time to deal with relevant people
3) Sales and Marketing Teams who collaborate together
4)The correct Marketing Material to be used at the right time

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