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How does the Independent Business Assessment (IBA) work?


It was a high energy zone! - said the CEO, after an hour of spending time talking about his business

Understanding your business from a sales, marketing and culture point of view starts with this Independent Business Assessment.

In this detailed IBA, you will be asked to answer questions about your business, your staff, your communication structures and culture.


About the IBA

The IBA consists of a workshop which will take approximately 1 hour.

The IBA is hosted on SurveyMonkey which collects all the information and then it is downloaded to our Datacentre in South Africa. It is very secure and confidential


IS My Data Secure?

All the information discussed in the IBA and during workshops or any other communication channels are always kept secure and private.

You, will always have complete access to information at any time and may request to have all the information deleted at any point of the process, depending on certain terms and conditions regarding process completion. An NDA will be signed before we begin giving you confidence that everything discussed will be kept confidential



Want to learn more about the IBA, the security information and benefits of doing this Assessment? Simply connect with one of our team members and we'll assist you asap!


How Much Is It?

For your convenience there are two pricing of the IBA.

One is totally FREE and the other is a Paid option.

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View our different packages for your convenience

Answering the Assessment together
Safely Storing Information
A Report on the Assessment
Presentation on the Assessment
Insights from Data Exploration and Visualisation
Workshop Business Assessment
Completed Business Canvas
Workshop with Sales Team
Workshop with Marketing Team
Marketing Strategy*
Sales Strategy**
FREE R10000
* For a stand alone

Marketing Strategy

, an agency will charge R35 000

** For a stand alone

Sales Strategy

, an agency will charge R25 000

Why Align Sales and Marketing FAQ's

1Why is it important to align Sales and Marketing?
Teams that are aligned have the ability to increase turnover, sometimes by as much as 30%. For any business owner this is really worth making sure they work hard on aligning these teams. Another big benefit is making sure your staff are enjoying their work day. Having teams that get along while at work increase trust and efficiency, as sales people who are resourceful will always find a way to get their jobs done, even at a high expense to the business.
2What is the difference between Sales and Marketing?
The best way to understand the difference between the two is: Sales is outbound and

Marketing is Inbound

The rest is commentary on this.

Ideally, the sales team who are on the front line of the business and have an exact idea of what the prospect is and should be needs to feedback to Marketing so tat they can point their marketing towards the correct people and say the exact things they need to say in the marketing.

35 Ways to align Sales and Marketing
1) Find out how disconnected the two teams actually are first.

2) Define the roles of each department

3) Decide what the ideal prospect is with both teams together

4) Make sure Sales is constantly feeding back to Marketing on the leads so Marketing can always improve

5) Have a look at your culture to make sure there are equal playing fields for both teams

4What skills are needed for Sales and Marketing?
Even though these two teams are similar, the skills are very different Sales: Hardened skin - meaning rejection is part of the process, if you cant handle it, dont do it. Enjoy being around people A good understanding of the product being sold

Marketing: A working understanding of marketing and advertising Happy to work alone How to find the right target market Defining the product being sold